October, 2014

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The Evolution of the CFO |

In the past, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) had really only one role, managing financial planning and overseeing financial operations. Nowadays, the role of the CFO has evolved to be much more. Since the recession, business owners and CEO’s have been relying more on the input of their CFOs. CFOsRead More

Cash Flow: A Critical Part of Self-Employment (SE) Planning |

For the small business owner and self-employed individual, cash flow management does not need to be mysterious or complex. Managing cash is all about timing the inflows and outflows. In its simplest form, cash flow refers to the flows of cash, literally, into and out of the business. Think inRead More

Business Credit & Collections | Making the Most of It

Why Credit? | Traditionally, credit in various forms has been used by businesses to stimulate sales, broaden their customer base, encourage additional purchases, and generally facilitate other marketing activities. Properly controlled, credit can increase sales and bring in steady, well-satisfied customers. Handled in a slipshod manner, however, it can causeRead More

Happy Customer, Happy Company |

As the old adage goes, “the customer is always right.” Though this may not always be true, the message is clear: make the customer happy. With the vast amount of information available to us today, the best way to keep a happy customer is to stay organized. This is whyRead More

It’s Time to Give Thanks! | Tips for Using Business Greeting Cards

Ever wonder, “How can I set my business apart from the competition?” The answer is simple. Greeting cards! But, not just any greeting cards… All too often, businesses send greeting cards during the holidays in the hopes of appearing unique and different from the competition. Unfortunately, this plan often does notRead More