August, 2014

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How to Stay Afloat | Breakeven Analysis

Breakeven analysis is a powerful management tool, and one that is critical in planning, decision-making, and expense control. Breakeven analysis can be invaluable in determining whether to buy or lease, expand into a new area, build a new plant, and many other such considerations. The process can also show the impactRead More

Where’s the Money?

Cash flow management is a problem for almost any firm, large or small. The worst symptom of the problem: the business runs out of cash. Watching a business floundering, running out of cash even as it makes great sales and profits is painful. Painful though it may be, it isRead More

6 Great Reasons to Outsource HR |

For many business owners, managing human resources is the most challenging aspect of running a business. It is not so much about having a misanthropic personality as it is about having a limited capacity to respond to the unpredictable nature of a human being. As human beings, we are complex. WeRead More

Time is Money | Why Automate?

As the old adage goes, “Time is money,” and this could not be more true, especially when it comes to the creation and implementation of Expense Management policies and procedures within an organization. When a small business invests in expense management software, they virtually cut-out the manual processes for creatingRead More

Is Your Head in the Cloud?

With constant evolution in technology and services, mobility has not only become more affordable and more desirable, but it has also become an invaluable tool for the small- and mid-sized business owner. These increasing trends within the marketplace have businesses moving from their traditional brick-and-mortar office buildings to virtual spacesRead More

The Power of the Re-Tweet |

Many small business owners often wonder if investing highly-valuable time and money into a social media marketing strategy is really worth it for them and their business. They question whether being active on a social media website, such as Twitter, really adds significant value to their overall business model. IRead More

Uncommon Marketing Resources & Ideas for the Small Business Owner |

One of the most effective yet underutilized resources in effective marketing are your customers. Finding ways to further engage them can increase sales, promote long-term customer loyalty, and generate new customers. For example, you may want to think about…

Failure to Comply with Labor Laws can be Costly | Take It from LinkedIn

Our friends at Insureon do a great job of outlining the importance of compliance, especially in regards to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In this article, they discuss the business-oriented social network site LinkedIn, and how the company was forced to pay $6 million for violating FLSA laws. IfRead More