July, 2014

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This is not your father’s old phone system!

Five advantages to using a cloud-based telecommunications system   There are many factors that go into owning and running a small business. First there is the idea; then the financing, the production of products or services, the marketing…and the list goes on! On top of all of this, business ownersRead More

Mind Your Business: The Tax Code & Liability Exposures |

While various sources will probably continue to disagree about the “true” number of small businesses in the U.S., there is one voice that’s difficult to ignore or refute: the IRS. As any freelancer or independent contractor knows, come tax time, you have to file as a business whether or notRead More

Making Your Mark in Business |

One of the ideal goals of any business is to be the first name that comes to mind when a prospective buyer is looking for what you have to offer. While using a bookmark to build brand awareness in this regard, may seem best left to booksellers, there are certainRead More

Why Dental Insurance is a No Brainer for Small Business Employers

Many people may not realize, but there is a direct correlation between good oral health and good overall health. Like many parts of the human body, the mouth contains bacteria. Without routine maintenance, bacteria levels can lead to complications including gum disease and tooth decay. In addition, various medications mayRead More

Leveraging Talent On-Call |

The landscape of business has certainly changed over the last 50 years or so. Business owners no longer have to go it alone when managing and growing a small business today. Besides the thousands of no–cost government and non-profit small business assistance programs available by state, other resources, such asRead More

Why You Are Crazy to Operate as a Proprietorship

In most situations you are crazy if you don’t form an LLC or corporate structure for the simple reason that these ownership forms protect your assets from liabilities incurred through the business operation.

Finding & Using Free Business Development Resources

Did you know that there are more than 30,000 business and economic development agencies and programs across the country that provide free help to individuals that want to start and grow their own business? These agencies and programs exist at the federal, state and even local level, and range fromRead More

Building a Big Business Without the BIG Costs

Whether just starting out or off to good start, building a small business has several advantages over being a large business… Flexible | As a self-employed individual or small business owner, you have the ability to respond quickly to changing markets and new opportunities. You are your entire chain ofRead More