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  • Our students (and Dave and I) were blown away by your presentation and deeply grateful for the work you do. They all left today completely inspired and ready to tackle their dreams! What’s more important is that you eradicated many fears they felt about starting their own business.

    Marisa I., GSIL IMPACCT Academy

  • You guys are providing tremendous value by facilitating public/private collaboration to help more individuals to succeed in business. As partners, you are credible, reliable and a pleasure to work with.

    IBM & The World Bank

  • I really LOVED Doctor Deb. She was involving and intriguing. I can’t wait for her to help me start up my business. This is possibly one of the best days of my life.

    Alex D., High School Student

  • New York First offers unprecedented access to targeted resources for helping individuals realize their vision and run a successful venture, including the non-profit, the industry gold standard for small business resources.

    State of NY

  • Your subject matter expertise has produced a volume of Cards/Accounts... Sincere thanks to you and your team for continuing to drive this campaign forward through the Champions Network.

    American Express OPEN

  • You guys are great! Thanks to your self-employment development program and tireless support, hundreds of individuals across the state are making money in their own business regardless of their disabilities.

    NH Vocational Rehabilitation

  • We’re really excited to be offering your information to our readers! Your online resource community remains the best for connecting people to small business assistance programs and innovative resources.

    Wall Street Journal

  • Dr. Osgood has always been there for me when I needed guidance and has been very non-judgmental - truly helping me to live up to my potential with her amazing support!

    Women Inspiring Women

  • I cannot thank you enough for coming WAY up north to speak to our kids. Without question, your presence and presentation were the most powerful of the program.

    Lynne G., GSIL IMPACCT Academy

  • In an economy driven by information, we are pleased to be collaborating with the Knowledge Institute to build awareness and improve access to higher education resources and specialized workforce training.


  • Thank you so much! I've been following your advice and am so thankful for having met you - I truly feel that I'm finally on the much needed path that I have been looking for!

    Lisa F., Self-Employed

  • The Knowledge Institute is a tremendous asset to the state of New Hampshire, always seeking to find new and innovative ways to build a sense of community.

    State of New Hampshire